BMA Technology


With “Human and Safety First” principle, to prevent accidents, occupational diseases, unusual injuries and impairment of health, environmental pollution from the beginning and continuous improvement is foundation of our processes.

Our Environmental Policy within this concept;

  • To ensure the continuous reduction of the environmental effects of our products that we realized with productive source energy usage and inputs that we used in our services from their usage until junking,
  • By detecting hazards and risks in advance; to determine environmental dimensions, take the necessary measurements completely and timely; to minimize to the legal requirements or bearable levels by managing with revised leader targets,
  • To minimize pollution and wastes and to ensure elimination of hazardous wastes by minimizing their environmental effects,
  • To determine and review our objectives and goals every year and to explain improvements,
  • To ensure access of all of our employees and suppliers to the current theoretical/practical knowledge with “Planned Trainings” and to ensure correct use by them,
  • To follow and imply legal requirement in force, conditions and amendments of our customers or professional organizations that we are member livingly,
  • By establishing and documenting “Environmental Management System” Responsibility in our company within direction international management standards and cultures, to carry out systematically; to improve and to protect its performance with participation of our employees continuously.