Power Management Systems

PMS is an advanced system for full automation of a power plant, including power management, generator control, generator protection, and optional diesel engine safety system providing highest degree of reliability and availability.

  • Standard solutions or tailor-made programming to match project requirements
  • Multi – master system: Flowing Command Line
  • Redundant communication and power supply
  • Fuel Optimization resulting in lower emission rates
  • Designed for conventional and E-Propulsion concepts
  • Approved for DP2 operations
  • Black-out Prevention System
  • Fast and Dynamic Load Reduction
  • Open or closed Bus Tie Operation in DP modes
  • PTH (Take me home) mode
  • PTI mode – Using Shaft Machine to boost Main Engine
  • Support genset control up to 32 generators.
  • One button operation – Pre-defined customized operation modes
  • Serial Interface to Ship Alarm Monitoring and Control System
  • Serial Interface to Propulsion System
  • Seamless transfer between Shore and Diesel Generator
  • Safety Stop Feature – Providing auto start of standby generator to prevent a blackout.
  • Heavy consumer logic – preventing direct connection of heavy loads
  • Generator monitoring, protection and control
  • Busbar voltage and frequency control
  • Generator voltage and frequency control
  • Breaker synchronization
  • Symmetrical and asymmetrical load sharing
  • Active and Reactive Power Control (AVR control)
  • Automatic load transfer between Diesel Generator and Harbor Generator and vice versa
  • Automatic start and connect after blackout
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