BMA Technology

BMA Technology is awarded as Electrical System Integrator for world’s first all-electric tug

BMA Technology has been the electric system integrator of world’s first electric Tugboat Zeetug (Zero Emission TIG) which is designed by Navtek. By its creative solutions, BMA Technology, leading the way, created a remarkable impression.

The first demonstration has been held in Electric&Hybrid exhibition in Amsterdam/Netherlands in 2018. In this project Energy Storage System, Dual Winding Async Motor Control Algoritm, Propulsion Drive Control Software, Propulsion Control System, Energy Management System, Integrated Alarm Monitoring and Control System and Quick Charging Station are completely designed by Turkish engineers delivered Gisaş on 27.03.2020 after completing the tests succesfully.


Today, Zeetug has been operational and perform its duties in full.

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